Specialist Contractors

Specialist Contractors

Gardhams Ltd work closely with a small number of very specialised works, which includes the sampling or removal of asbestos: Electrical: Resurfacing works and scaffolding to name a few.

Our sub-contractors are required to have appropriate qualifications, experience and competence, presenting their accreditations on renewal.

All works will have full risk assessments carried out, with method statements available, for the client to review.

Electrical works will have certification on completion of additional or new installations, often carried out by Munro Electrical or Byford & Hammond Electrical for large installations. 

Our scaffolding companies engaged in our access arrangements, provide full alarm, lighting etc depending on requirements.

Asbestos works may be part of the specification, and where a report is required or sampling necessary, we have our preferred companies, EAS (Environmental Asbestos Solutions) or Ashbee Solutions Ltd as two very competent companies. 

Whilst the above named contractors are a sample of our ability to provide additonal services to our own, we have a wide range of capabilities within our own team.