Knowing Asbestos

Knowing Asbestos

Asbestos still kills around 5000 workers each year, which is why as a Principal Contractor, Gardhams staff are all UKATA accredited in asbestos awareness training.

Gardhams have come into contact with asbestos containing materials over the many years of trading; even before it was identified as a dangerous substance, we have maintained a good health and safety policy to provide PPE when preparing surfaces. Fortunately, everyone is much better informed, which means we all have a "Duty of Care".

As with any contract, the first item on the agenda has to be, Is there an Asbestos Survey? Often these are out of date or there is not enough information to ensure the work area is safe. In order to assist our customers, from April 2019, we will be able to identify and remove Non-Licenced Asbestos Containing materials (ACMs), because, as you may know, this is a costly but mainly, a time consuming issue when outsourced.

It is our intention to minimise the time wasted, having to pass the work on to another specialist contractor by giving our customers the benefit of our training. As well as being able to comply with legislation, our reassurance, is to the customer and the environment by removing and disposing of ACMs at designated depots.

Even when asbestos has been identified, if we can work with it rather than removing it, we will. Despite the dangers, if the asbestos is in good condition, there are alternatives. This can range from applying a sealant, to covering with boarding made from modern materials. We are happy to provide quotations for all works regarding asbestos, as well as provide certification for the building, allowing future works to be carried out safely.